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sábado, diciembre 15, 2007

I Believe....

Well, some people have called Me superstitious...that's because I believe in Miracles, where're you from, you Sexy Thing. And, yeah It would be Nice to be Older and Live together, in the kinda World that We belong...
I have bunny's paw in my key chain. Or maybe I should say that one of my lucky charms is a rabbit paw. But who the Fuck would try to steal my key chain if they feel a Paw in my coat?
I would like to just talk and put my head on your shoulder, but you're really far.
So my thoughts are just plain bars o's.
I wish that I could, you know, just go forward in Time, but Time is the Master, and I could be some kind of disaster. So this is me telling you -once agaIN- that I miss you really Fucking Much.
Some People say that you shall not marry (or get on a boat and/or plane and/or train) on Friday the 13th. But it's just about Prime Numbers, and well, the things I believe in are -above all- Math, Physics and Chemistry. And Prime numbers seem to cause all sort of weird things when asked to. Try to use your cell phone in a busy day (like the Virgencita's day, some Friday the 13th or just try to buy something in Sunday when you are in a Small Town...) or feel the Static Electricity on a windy "Santana" day...Try to flirt when the moon's full and Maybe you'll get Lucky.

With Math, I mean, you know, I really love it, but sometimes the algebra seems too complicated to handle. With the Other Ones, I have almost no trouble -the trouble, seems to me to be some of the teachers I've had-.
And Some Folks say that Love is blind. Some say that Love is always accompanied by "la folie" since it was her that left Love Blind in the first place...
But since Love it's just Physics, Chemistry and...above all, Math (time is a variable that depends on Relativism)
Well, I just believe in that sort of things. I believe in you and me and my and/or your mom.
I believe thatcha could be what I need to Believe.
And since I've got you everytime I wanted to, I do Believe...

Thank You for Existing.


rolita de los simios :)

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