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jueves, enero 17, 2008

Turn ur GEEK ON ®

If you're reading this, if you know math, if you always thought that Science Fairs and so on were fun, if you know what a Science Fair is, if you're an avid reader of SciAm, National Geographic, and SEED, if you read for fun (and maybe if you read at all...), if you know Calculus, Organic Chemistry, fluid Mechanics, Circuits, and Electromagnetism, if you were called a weirdo and/or a loner in Elementary School, if you think that Girls in lab ropes are sexy, if you think that girls wearing glasses are hot, if you know what a derivative is (and if you know how to derivate), if you know more than three Dinosaur species and the three different periods they lived in, if you know what the radical "-CHO" is and why it is fun to play with, if you like LOTR and/or Star Trek and last but not least STAR WARS, if you once believed in aliens and/or UFO's, if you saw the X-Files and wonder why if the truth was SO out there agent Scully was so reluctant to believe it, if you were once bullied for intellectual motives, if you ever had a Reptile as a pet, if you've ever dreamed of being an Astronaut, if you've ever been to the NASA (or have like going), if you like Dragon Ball or any animé/manga at all, if you have myopia, if you know a little of Greek and/or Latin roots, if you think Science is fun and, as a child, you played with vinegar and baking soda in order to make up a Vulcano, if you know that Isaac Asimov wrote some beautiful book that was later thrashed by some disgusting fuck in Converse sneakers, if you know what C++, fortland and xhtlm are, if you've ever made a Rubik cube without reading the instructions, if you know how to make a Tesla Coil with your bare hands, if you think museums are fun, if you felt identified when watching "Napoleon Dynamite", and if you're still reading this, yes, yes, and yes; you may be a geek. That is, according to my Mac's dictionary, "an unfashionable or socially inept person" or a person with and "eccentric devotion to a particular interest". So my friend, you're A Person, even if society, bullies and girls made you felt otherwise throughout your life. And, when thinking of this, you may remember some famous geeks that made our world change forever; such as Einstein, Sagan, Newton, Yoda and Rivers Cuomo. Because, maybe, when as a society we start caring about the little differences and start leaving the big prejudices behind, geeky boys won't be beaten up so easily and young geniuses won't be treated like maniacs. If you're a geek, be proud of it: worthy girls like it even if they act otherwise. But don't go yelling out that you're one of us. A true geek is "humble" and acts like a mushroom: harvesting in the shadow in the middle of whole lotta dung. And, when having children be sure to keep geekness alive: with a Great Knowledge comes a Great responsibility.



Anonymous Anónimo said...

You're the coolest geek I know.


2:20 a.m.

Anonymous Anónimo said...

Cómo me reí con algunas cosas :p

Me gustó este post, congratz!


7:25 a.m.


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